How To Enable LTE WWAN service in Fedora 34?

Hello, I have a newly purchased computer with WWAN (Cell Phone Network) connection equipment. What is the procedure for activating this service under Fedora 34, Gnome or KDE Plasma Desktops?

I am looking for simple block diagram answer,
First, obtain cellular data service contract ??
(under Windows 10 my cell phone sim card does nothing when removed from cell phone and placed into computer…)
Second, read and follow fedora wiki xxx yyy zzz?
Install package abcd-wwan?

(complication? my exact equipment is amd processor and newly released by mfr)

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I expect the computer will need to be taken to the cell provider and activated there since some of the electronics is keyed to the activation.
I had a 4G phone and after I switched providers and got the current 5G phone I had a problem with the 5G phone. Putting the sim from the 5G phone into the 4G phone made it work, but only at 2G service, and no data.

The sim is not the only thing needed for proper activation.

I have not tried the WWAN setup since I don’t have that equipment, but my phone has the hotspot capable with unlimited data, so I connect my laptop through the phone when needed.

If Fedora 34 know this hardware, must not be problem. If i’m connecting my Android phone with PC, USB -connect internet, not problem, Fedora 34 auto enable internet connect.

I don’t think this is necessary. SIM cards (unless e-SIM cards) are not married with specific hardware.

Just pop the SIM card in the slot. Start Fedora, start Network Manager, and add a new connection using the WWAN interface.
If you don’t see an option to add a WWAN connection, you need to install the corresponding Network Manager plugin: sudo dnf install NetworkManager-wwan

Maybe (sorry, can’t test right now), you need to enable ModemManager: sudo systemctl start ModemManager, but try first without.

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Thank you all for kind replies. (My landline ISP had issues delaying me from this topic. SO for wireless wwan to work I need:
1st Purchase a compatible cellular network data plan.
Option A) Configure cellphone device as “hotspot” then connect PC to cellphone, USB wire or Wireless Internet or Wireless Bluetooth(???) I have Android cell phone I select them by what has lowest price the day I need to buy one. (Mine have an annoying habit of going “ker-plunk” into the lake when casting for fish. :slight_smile: Maybe the fish swallow the cell phone, but I keep forgetting to tie a fishing line onto the phone before it goes “Ker-Plunk”

Option B) If cellular network recognizes PC hardware as valid device, enable eSIM or place cell network SIM card into computer, use Network Mgr to activate data connection. Install NetworkManager-wwan package if it is not already installed.