How to enable Hibernation in Fedora 34

I installed Fedora 34 using Partitions and I have a separate Swap partition larger than the RAM.

I have noticed that /etc/default/grub file already has the UUID=SWAP PARTITION already included as a parameter in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX line.

I tried to execute sudo systemctl hibernate, but at resume it just boot, what else I have to do to properly configure Hibernation in Fedora 34, thank you

Are you by chance using an nvidia GPU with nvidia drivers?

It seems a bug related to this has been filed at 6066 – RFC: Enable DRM modeset and NVreg_PreserveVideoMemoryAllocations in a separate package and comment 23 there gives most of the fix.

Hibernate/sleep are fancy features as only suspend makes sense in low power mode that can last for days with nearly instant wake up to login screen. Hibernate is like shutdown keeping the configuration at startup. I use a modern laptop with SSD drive and one BTRFS partition for the whole system who figures out itself when/what/how if necessary … boot/shutdown is really fast, suspend/wake up instantaneous … I have 16 Mo of memory and do one thing at a time not needing thousands of apps running together justifying hibernation …