How to downgrade from Gnome 42 to Gnome 41 in Fedora 36?

I installed fedora 36 on my laptop, but many extensions and themes are not in gnome 42, how to uninstall gnome 42 and install gnome 41?

Unfortunately, unless you’re running Silverblue, there is no supported major version downgrade path. If you are running Silverblue, then you can go back to the Fedora 35 (where Gnome 41 is supported) channel and reboot.

However, even if it was simple to downgrade to GNOME 41, take into account that GNOME 42 is out since some months. In September GNOME 43 will be released.
If after all this time, the developers of those extensions haven’t still updated them in order to work with GNOME 42, well, I would ask myself if I should rely on these extensions.
I know that, from a developer point of view, following the fast paced release cycle of GNOME could be challenging, but if after months since the release of a new GNOME version, an extension is still not compatible, probably the developer is no more interested in maintaining it. Try to ask the extension developer what are their intentions.

Ah. What are these extensions and themes?
Maybe someone could help you to figure out some alternatives or solutions.

Sometimes there are updates are for your own good. These themes and extensions while they provide amazing tweaks to the UI can leave you exposed to data leaks and resident malware. I hope very soon there would be a theme and extensions provided by users and validated by Gnome