How to disable laptop keyboard on Wayland?

I have Fedora Workstation 36, and I need to disable the keyboard that comes with my laptop.

I’m on Wayland now.

On X11 I used this in myu .bashrc:

xinput disable "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"

But of course it doesn’t work anymore with Wayland.

I found a solution here which uses:

sudo evtest --grab /dev/input/event2

but that requires keeping a terminal around all the time.

Moreover it is dated 2017, maybe there is a better way to do it now

Try to put the command in to the background with the & on the end
sudo evtest --grab /dev/input/event2 &
and see if you can close the terminal.


Isn’t there a better way than having a background process running all the time?

No configuration option?

For future reference, please see here for a solution using udev that does not require a background process running all the time