How to delete a corrupted Toolbox image/container?


I want to start experimenting with Toolbox in F36, but when I was creating my first toolbox my PC was accidentally shut down, and now it seems the box image is corrupted and I can’t find a way to restart the process:

$ toolbox list
IMAGE ID      IMAGE NAME                                    CREATED
2110dbbc33d2  4 weeks ago
$ toolbox rm -f 2110dbbc33d2
Error: failed to inspect container 2110dbbc33d2
$ toolbox create
Error: failed to inspect image fedora-toolbox:36
$ toolbox enter
No toolbox containers found. Create now? [y/N] y
Error: failed to inspect image fedora-toolbox:36

whatever I do I always get ‘failed to inspect’, how do I restart the process clean?

Welcome to ask.fedora @isotope

Please install podman and try to manage the containers ailas images to start over.

I hope this helps.



Ok I managed to delete the image with podman , and now I entered the toolbox

I had to do

podman rmi 2110dbbc33d2