How to define a group which will appears in dnf grouplist?


I wanted to define a new group which will appears in dnf grouplist results.
Are there any documentation on how to do this ?
Can we do this in a COPR repository ?

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These are done using the comps files:

You can use “meta packages”. They’re empty packages that don’t contain any files but include Requires: .. to pull in lots of other packages.

Edited: see @msuchy 's answer below on how comps are to be added for COPR repos


Thanks a lot for this answer. I will certainly focus on the meta package solution. It looks easier to manage.

Comps can be added to the Copr project. Though it is not too visible (because it is rarely used).
Got to settings of your Copr project. Navigate to the section of your enabled chroots. And click on the Edit button beside the chroot. And there is an option to upload comps.xml file. You need to do that for each chroot. That is because comps per distribution are usually different.


Thanks. I will try this ASAP.

I found this page which details the comps.xml structure.