How to create custom installer for Vision Five 2 Riscv SBC with Fedora Silverblue

Am I correct to believe virt-builder/kickstart files are the equivalent to create custom installer images?

virt-builder was mentioned in here which is where I discovered it:

I saw the riscv koji builder using kickstart files:
Is that right virt-builder uses kickstart .ks files as part of each virt-builder image template listed?

Ideally it would be awesome to see the Vision Five 2 listed with its own virt-builder image template. I’m investigating how to go about that.

There’s a fedora 33(NOT SILVERBLUE) image for Vision Five 1, but there isn’t anything available yet for Vision Five 2.
Is it possible to create a virt-build image template of Fedora Silverblue 37 based the above-mentioned 33 and then overlay the later packages somehow with kickstart .ks files?

Any pointers/hints to go about this would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Another observation and question. I noticed all the other kickstart files for the different fedora spins are available here:

I didn’t find the silverblue kickstart in there and was wondering where I could find it or its equivalent. Does anybody here know where I can find a silverblue kickstart file?

thank you in advance.