How to create a backup of a certain flatpak app

i used to play a game "super tux cart’’ . now i want to backup whatever accomplishments i achieved in the game. i was thinking to have a backup of ./var/lib/app/supertuxcart
will it work or i need else
i want to restore this backup may be on a silverblue system

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Where is the configuration stored?

  • On Windows: It is in %APPDATA%/supertuxkart/config-0.10 (you can enter that in the Explorer and it will take you there).
  • On Linux: It is either in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/supertuxkart/config-0.10 (first choice), ~/.config/supertuxkart/config-0.10 (second choice) or in ~/.supertuxkart/config-0.10 (third choice).
  • On macOS: It is in ~/Library/Application Support/supertuxkart/config-0.10. Note that this directory may be hidden.

You can also watch the output in the terminal to see if there is a note on where the config files are stored or search for a file called “config.xml”.

On Silverblue you have to search on the userspecific paths where you/supertux is able to store data

this is for configuration not app data

For flatpak, the path would be a bit different I think. Maybe something like: ~/.var/app/net.supertuxkart.SuperTuxKart/.config/supertuxkart/config-0.10

I don’t think save games are part of app data. Backing up app data would actually back up the game itself.

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