How to configure vncserver behavior in f34?

How to configure vncserver behavior in f34?

tigrevnc server

[simmon@oreo ~]$ vncserver
vncserver has been replaced by a systemd unit.
Please read /usr/share/doc/tigervnc/ for more information.

The Tigervnc-server setting is different from the existing configuration, so please explain the setting method.
Please guide for many people!

*** anybody show me the run tigervnc or vncserver for f34?

TigerVNC :: Fedora Docs


thanks…but it doesn’t work…for me…! Have you tried applying that part?

–already selinux disabled

Maybe, please give it a try. I’ll check the parts that operate in the set state again.

Thanks @vgaetera Have a nice day!

Check system logs and the service logs specifically:
Viewing logs in Fedora :: Fedora Docs

You may need to test with SELinux disabled:
Changes/Remove Support For SELinux Runtime Disable - Fedora Project Wiki


For this to work, you need to delete the following temporary folder files. Otherwise, it won’t work.

# rm -rf /tmp/.X*
# reboot


You are supposed to specify a free display number to avoid conflicts, something like 50.
Removing those files doesn’t look right.

Thanks @vgaetera Have a nice day!
It works only after removing the folder. Operation was confirmed by checking in the setting part and various devices. Have you tried configuring that vnc?

Notebook vncserver!

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