How to compress files file-roller split 7z

I need compress a folder in split files, in before version of file-roller it was possible, but now not work.

It possible add plugin to nautilus, or any app for compress and split files!?

Hi, @ferb!

You can’t find the option to do it – or the option is there but it doesn’t work for you?

Well, it works for me – though it’s clunky and gives me an error.

First of all, you can always use a cli for this:

7z a -v10m arch_name.7z dir_to_compress


  • a – means add files to archive
  • -v10m – means createt volumes of size 10 megabytes (you can also use b, k, and g

It works 100% without any errors or confusion.

Back to using File Roller. It’s really clunky, but still can help occasionally.

  1. Launch File Roller manually as a standalone program (e.g. not from Nautilus etc).
  2. Press menu button in the upper-right corner and select Create archive.
  3. Choose location and enter filename of the archive to create.
  4. Open “Additional settings” in the bottom of this window (can be “Other settings” or something alike, I’m translating from my native language and don’t see English original).
  5. Here you can set the password to encrypt your archive and tell it to make volumes.
  6. Click Create button in the upper-right corner of the window.
  7. Now you have to add files/directories to your archive either using [+] button in upper-left corner or by drag-and-dropping them if File Roller’s window.

It compresses the files you gave it – and in my case right now it gives me the error, something like “There was an error while reading the archive”.

But - I’ve verified! - it actually have created the split archive successfully at this point, I’ve verified I can decompress it (again, using File Roller and not Nautilus) and receive exactly the same fileset I’ve archived.

I’m quite sure cli way I’ve written about earlier is faster and more convenient – if you’re not opposed to using command line.

I’ve heard about some other GUIs for working with archives but haven’t used them myself (with the exception of KDE’s one called Ark which I wouldn’t install on a Gnome system).


In case that this option is not selectable, it is because the p7zip-plugins package needs to be installed (it happened to me)

sudo dnf install p7zip-plugins



thanks, the command line its works, i will use it. Thanks!


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