How to compile Powerdevil to include brightness controls on KDE

I have a fresh install of F36 and want to enable in-built brightness controls for my desktop monitors. I have verified that Ddcutil works and can control all available features.
I found out online that recompiling powerdevil with a flag turned on will enable the required feature, but I have no idea how to do so.

Update: I have upgraded to F37, and KDE 5.27, so a solution to solve this in the last LTE release of KDE will be much appreciated.

I could compile powerdevil as described in this post , but i have no idea how to go on.
An other method i have found to get ddcci integrated into plasma is the ddcci-driver-linux ddcci-driver-linux / ddcci-driver-linux · GitLab and i was able to compile it , but again i have no idea how to go on from there.