How to change the GNOME backround to a solid color using GNOME Setup?

On Fedora 37 and GNOME 43, how do I set the background to a solid color using Setup?

I have found command line instructions. I want to use Setup as I did once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away.

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Using any image editing program, for example Krita, I create a 10 by 10 pixel image in the color that I want and then save that out as a smaller file format file.

Then inside GNOME Setup I select that as my background / wallpaper.

I don’t now if you mean settings/setup same thing ?!

To make it clickable you best install the dconf editor and search for background:

In picture-options you have to select “none” to be free of a background image.

In “color shading type” you can set whether you want a solid color or a gradient (horizontal/vertical).

Back on background you can select the primary & secondary colors and put the value you like (sorry no color picker included).

Sad but true, not really user friendly :scream:


My reading of the GNOME issues in their GitLab is that solid colors were removed because it was too hard to maintain the code that enabled that feature. Go figure.

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I guess that is what you talking about, right?