How to change room for mount when custom install

Question about changing partitions when doing install of fedora 33.
Is it possible to change Desired capacity : Enter the desired size (in megabytes) of the partition. in the custom partition layout? during install.
I did try to change the number 1024 to 4096 but the installation did not keep that 4096, after click on apply changes just remained 1024 for a mount. /boot (fedora 33)

It should work as it always has for me. If the partition already exists then it cannot be changed but by removing it then recreating it the change happens.

The only factor that I can think of that might force it smaller is that with efi booting, if you have not created a separate /boot/efi partition, then /boot is the esp partition and formatted as fat32. It would need to be small enough that the UEFI bios could access it.

I don’t, however, understand why you would want to waste 3 GB of drive space in /boot that in my experience has never used more than 750 MB total (both /boot and /boot/efi combined). The recommended size of 1 GB is more than adequate unless you choose to keep 10 or more kernel versions.


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