How to change priority level on journalctl log

Can someone tell me how to see what priority level value has my Fedora 32? How to change the value because I don’t want to see non-critical log messages.

EDIT: I mean configuring something on /etc/systemd/… not the -p option on journalctl

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This is likely service-specific.
Try to customize the service options related to log verbosity.

# Check available options
service_command --help

# Customize the unit
sudo systemctl edit service_name.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart service_name.service

# Check the journal
journalctl -u service_name.service

See also: Logging and Standard Input/Output @ systemd.exec


As Vladislav says, this is service-specific.

Here’s a good article on adjusting how verbose a service is:

I’m not aware that there’s a method of configuring journalctl to show only non-critical errors. I think you’re going to have to use the -p option.

You always want to have a journal that contains everything you might need to debug a problem, so be careful when following the instructions in that link. It can be useful to silence notoriously chatty processes, but make sure you don’t silence messages that might really be useful on occasion.


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