How to change nominal sound level range in Gnome?

Using Gnome’s sound volume control, I can adjust sound level from 0% to 100%.

But even at 100%, my notebook speaker output is still too soft.

Then I can use pavucontrol, to make application output to 153%, then at device output to another 153%.

However, once I use media keys or Youtube’s volume control to adjust, my adjustable range is back to 0% - 100% (only using pavucontrol again can adjust beyond 100%)

How can I change my nominal adjustable range from 0% - 100%, to 0%-153% without using pavucontrol everytime?

gnome has something called over-amplification :

settings > sounds > system volume > over-amplification

have you tried that?


No, the option is not there.

By following your hint of “Gnome over-amplification”, I searched and got this:

gsettings … allow-volume-above-100-percent

after running gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.sound allow-volume-above-100-percent 'true', then I can adjust volume above 100%.

Thanks a lot!

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You can find the option in GNOME Tweaks, in the first section (“General”).


my bad, that is in ubuntu.

f.y.i. vlc too has sound over-amplification but that is only limited to vlc & not system wide.

if it is not too much trouble could you be kind enough to share all the gsetting commands you know of.

Install gnome-tweak , then can enable that via GUI.

The gsetting comamnd for this is listed at:

I do not know much, what I know is usually after I asked or by doing a Internet Search.

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