How to boot Fedora Live without USB

I have an old HP xw6600 that will not boot from USB. How can I do a new install of Fedora 37 Workstation?

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A cd/dvd drive you have ?

Yes, I have a CD drive.

You can burn the live ISO on a CD, from there you have after to select which DE you want.

Fedora-Everything-netinst-x86_64-38_Beta.torrent Fedora Everything netinst x86_64 38_Beta 687.1MB 2023-03-13

You need a network connection of course to download the whole packages for your install.

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If you don’t want Beta you can get the Fedora Everyting-netinst from a mirror close to you:

Mirrors - MirrorManager

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mirrormanager is providing you with a mirror, no need to look around…

if your are adventurous and have a second machine, you can boot over the network using PXE, see Setting Up an Installation Server :: Fedora Docs