How to automatically connect to VPN after internet connection established

Why there isn’t any option to auto connect to vpn after internet connection established?
I’m using the latest Fedora 36 workstation.

I personally think fedora should drop gnome desktop as default Desktop Environment as it is the worst among the worst Desktop Environment available.

Gnome dev team just do not understand what user interface is all about. Everything in gnome environment seems to require additional steps to accomplish when compare to others desktop environment.
In general, It is just too unproductive and the drop of right click new text document is the worst decision ever in the history of desktop environment!


From the terminal issue:


Highlight your wired or wifi network connection, click the cog. On the general tab tick ’ Automatically connect to VPN’ and select your vpn connection from the the drop down.

Each to our own, I quite like gnome. Your can of cause install any DE you like.

Thanks Tom.

ahhh~ Thanks!
I wonder why they decided to “hide” the connection editor.

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Hi @fedolauser2 Because VPN often is slower than no VPN? Because people want to choose options? And because I want to start VPN and choose the country and server for my special purposes.