How to add menu item

I want add menu item visibled at my profile only.
Binary put at ~/bin
desktop-file put at ~/.local/share/applications

And nothing happend. No new item in menu.

Drag&drop desktop-file to quck-launch applet works.

What’s wrong?

I’ve done this, and it should work.

One tip is make sure path to the binary is the correct one, and make special note of spaces in file name if any. From my (not very extensive) experience this was the most common reason for my custom desktop files not appearing.

You can try to use two more applications: desktop-file-validate and desktop-file-edit, though I haven’t seen the first one report anything useful to me, and i edited my .desktop files with plain text editor, not the second command.

Let’s do a small test to verify the process works. I’ll use gedit as an example.

cd ~/.local/share/applications
cp -v /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.gedit.desktop my-gedit-copy.desktop
vim my-gedit-copy.desktop

We’ll now change Name[LN] string – where [LN] is the designation of your language, i.e. language you have set your Fedora to – to gedit (COPY)

Save file, close editor, press [Super] and type “gedit” – I see two entries: one with the name Text editor – that’s the original one – and the second one called gedit (COPY) – this one is the copy I’ve just made.

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As soon as I regularize Name, GenericName, Comment all worked out.

You’re welcome!

Did desktop-file-validate point you need to do this or have you done it yourself?

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I done it myself. After your comment I realized my mistake at once.

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I see ) As I’ve said, I’ve never seen anything useful from this program – especially when my desktop files weren’t appearing – so was hoping maybe it said something useful to you :wink:

I’m glad you’ve found where the problem was :slightly_smiling_face:

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