How to add a custom resolution in Fedora 34 on wayland?

I’m using Fedora 34 inside VMware Workstation 16.1.2 build-17966106.
I like Gnome40, but I can’t change the resolution using wayland because with no xrandr I got nothing. I’ve tried a lot of methods but nothing worked for me so far. (edid-generator, and some other method), but it didn’t work.
I want to change it to 1920 x 1080 resolution mode. How can I add a custom resolution in wayland?
Could somebody point me in the right direction?

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1920x1080 is a standard resolution - it should be available to choose from Display settings as long as the display driver is supporting it.

I guess you can start with checking which Linux graphics driver is best supported under VMWare workstation.

I found all other resolutions in display settings but not the most common one, disappointing…
And where should I start looking? Cause it seems like you know what you’re talking about?!

I’ve kinda found a workaround:

  1. First time after boot, I log in with on xorg and then the resolution just appears and from nowhere, and sets itself to the 1920x1080 res.
  2. Log out cause the xorg server is teribile, super slow and whatnot.
  3. Log back in on Wayland and voilla… and just take a snapshot of the VM just in case you wanna come back just instant… the resolution remains in display settings by the way.
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