How should we use tags in the Ask Fedora category?

With last year’s restructuring of this site, we enabled tags (which hadn’t really been used here) and have them as the primary filter for different topics in the :category_project: Project Discussion category. Other categories have several limited tags — like the “social and fun tag group” for :category_fun: The Water Cooler.

Meanwhile, over on Ask, we did a different experiment and made it easy to create tags. The only thing we’ve really controlled is f36, f37, f38 … for Fedora Linux releases.[1] In the merged site, we’re bringing all non-English languages together in a one category and using tags for those languages as well. But that leaves… what to do with the other tags as currently used for user help?

They’re definitely valuable in the Common Issues List, and I think potentially useful in helping people follow areas they have a passion for or expertise in. But they can also be messy and hard to manage.

So, a straw poll to help figure out what we should do. As usual, this is non-binding, just getting some sense of what everyone thinks. And also, feel free to elaborate in a reply.

Tags in the “Ask Fedora” user-help category should include…
  • official Fedora Editions, spins, etc. (fedora-workstation, fedora-server, fedora-kde-plasma, fedora-silverblue, fedora-coreos [2])
  • big categories (like hardware, upgrades, installation, wifi, contributing)
  • bigger-than-the-distro Fedora project concepts (design, _
  • software environments separate from Fedora spin (gnome, kde, xfce)
  • specific technologies (wayland, btrfs, selinux)
  • specific applications and tools (firefox, dnf, grub)
  • specific hardware (amd, nvidia, intel, broadcom)
  • anything a tl3+ user creates (with later curation/cleanup)
  • anything a tl1+ user creates (with later curation/cleanup)
  • something else (explain below!)

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All examples are taken from current (reasonably) popular tags currently in use.

  1. I tried making that #fedora-linux-37 and so on, but… too long! ↩︎

  2. we can bikeshed over the “fedora” prefix here separately ↩︎

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I’m generally in favor of the bar to create a tag being low as categorization can be helpful for finding relevant things. As long as a few big and very common things are standardized (e.g., “f37” vs “fedora37”), I’d rather we err on the side of inclusion here, especially as we might not be able to predict up front what might be helpful for everything and it’s useful to see trends like “realtek” wifi usage problems to know that it’s likely not a one-off user hardware quirk, for example.

That said, requiring at least TL2 might help reduce potential for spam bot targeting of tags and might give a little assurance that a user has some idea of how to site works before they start adding tags that might not be entirely on topic.


Since the contribution on ask.fp has been mostly technical, I suggest to talk to other teams before explicitly putting them into tags of the ask category. Just to ensure that, practically, we have not a (e.g.) “design” tag IMPLIES no answer situation.

It also remains the question if that really belongs to ask.fp - or to discussion.fp, where people can directly get in touch with the related teams. I think some (if not many) teams already note that contact to them should be established on discussion. With such tags on ask.fp we might create accidentally confusion/redundancy.

So, maybe it makes sense to ask first: what topics might be created with a “design” tag on ask.fp that do not belong to discussion.fp?

Just some thoughts :wink:

Oh, there is some important context here — soon, there will be only one site, with Ask Fedora a subcategory of this one.

I do also intend to rename the tags in Project Discussion, so that they are clearly team tags. See Adding `-team` to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion? - Fedora Discussion

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I know :smiley: Sorry, my argumentation was a bit unclear. My point is that people tend to stay with their habits (my last post’s formulations are a well example for that :wink: ). And even if both ask+discussion are merged to one site, people who are active in the ask category are not necessarily active in other categories, and vice versa. I would not automatically assume that a merged site implies that people related to “design” automatically follow the “design” tag of the ask category. I understand the poll in the way that it is about ask-specific-tags?

So my above arguments relate to different categories, not different pages.

I’m not so sure if we really are ready to categorize with tags. We barely made it with categories.

I do propose keep things as short and tight as possible, because of readability on mobile devices and also for sake of Accessibility.

If we do already expect to distinguish between f36 f37 f38 in my opinion it not makes sense if we do use the #fedora-kde-plasma tag.

More sense would make if we brake it down to kde plasma. If someone has a installation problem “it” can write f37 kde plasma installation and in the title give a summary of the problem “it” has (like application, device, version, error etc.), and not just “Help! I have a problem”

If there is a way to separate between display-name and description (while hover over it, i see it works hovering over idea tag :wink: ) it makes sense to give more information. But also in this case we need to think of tools like screen readers, brail readers etc. If we do repeat several times the fedora prefix, it gets quite uncomfortable for users who use this Accessibility tools.

In my example above I would propose a display text like:

  • f37
    Fedora-Linux v.37
  • kde
    K-Desktop Environment | Spin
  • plasma
    fifth gen. KDE
  • installation
    of OS, applications, drivers etc.

The first two tags I even would make obligatory. This info’s are visible in hostnamectl or just in cat /etc/redhat-release

I already miss the code highlighted in a other color to distinguish it better of the normal text.

Oops — good catch. Fixed![1]

I thought we had synchronized most customizations like that, but apparently not this one. Please don’t hesitate to open up new topics here about anything else like that which I’ve missed.

  1. @hhlp — I put it in a new seperate theme component, “Fedora: more distinct preformatted code” rather than the global theme ↩︎

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I agree with the minimum TL2+ suggestion above and am totally against the TL1+.
I don’t know who is currently allowed to create tags on ask.fp, but it really seems it should remain similar. If currently at TL3+ then it should not need changed.

Also with the suggestion to keep the tags short and allow use of multiples as we have been doing on ask.fp. This allows more flexibility on the user side while keeping the tag maintenance a lot lower on the admin side.

It’s currently TL2. Which, honestly, has been less messy than I feared.

Both sites are set to allow up to 7 tags.

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Unfortunately we do also have enough users who just put their request in “ask in english”.
I can not count how many times I asked to give a inxi -Fzx that we do have enough info’s also to set the tags.

Yeah, encouraging more useful initial requests for help is a whole 'nuther topic :slight_smile:

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