How Obtain Predicate "Ok" on ALL options in "systemd-analyze security" on Fedora Immutable (Silverblue/Kinoite)

In addition, you can give me suggestions on how to increase the safety of Fedora Silverblue/Kinoite at the most the system allows. I am a non-technical user who wants to replace Windows OS with Fedora Immutable and lower its attack surface to the maximum.

The use of this operating system is restricted to internet browsing and editing of documents.

As a suggestion, it would be appropriate for official members of the Fedora project to provide some means of automatically applying all configurations to maximize security on these systems.

Best compliments.

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Note: It is extremely difficult, confusing and dangerous for a non-technical user to apply the suggestions of this guide, so I followed the advice of the site not to change what I do not know.

Text translated by a machine. Please consider in the best terms and wishes for the work done by that community.

F40 Change Proposal: Systemd Security Hardening (System-Wide)

Thank you.

I don’t know which files to create, change or move, and in which system locations to do that.

My motivation to come to the forum is that after searching I could not get to a reliable way to make such changes myself. I am a non-technical user. Could you tell me which locations of the system should I enter the data of this post that you gave me?

My best compliments, Mary.

Note: If there are other settings that can be made in the system, to improve your security, I accept suggestions. Thank you so much!

This is a huge and challenging task even for technically advanced users since it is error-prone and requires deep understanding and extensive testing for each involved service at the scale that only the respective developers and maintainers can generally provide, so your best option is to wait for the next release when this change is officially implemented.