How Fedora does its surveys

A few people have reached out to me showing interest in learning how we do surveys (through our paid subscription of Limesurvey SAAS). If you are interested in being a Fedora Survey wrangler[0] I am doing a Jitsi call at 2022-08-10T11:30:00Z for 30 minutes (can extend for Q&A).


  • Access control
    • How to get admin access?
    • Users and groups access
  • Where to seek limesurvey help?
  • How to request/help with Fedora Community survey?
  • Basic walk through of Limesurvey instance
  • Response management

Sorry for a short notice! if this time doesn’t suit you and you are interested in learning more, I am hoping we get out with some docs coming out of the call! If not, please reach out to me and we can plan another call.

[0] I made this title up :sunglasses: