How duplicate fedora disk for another installation

We have CPU board from ADLINK , with fedora os installed.
We complete our development and now need duplicate HD for another CPU.
This CPU has build in SSD.
Is there way copy ISO image to external SSD, and then copy from external SSD to internal SSD of CPU.

Beware that an installed Fedora has a lot of unique-IDs used for security, file system identification.

If you bit-for-bit clone a disk then you cannot tell each running instance from each other.

What I have always seen done is to do a fresh install of the base Fedora OS then install packages and config by a scripted process. Kickstart, anasible, etc can be used.

Is that what you are trying to do?

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Thanks for your support reply.
In general we are looking at how in production quickly duplicate disk without going through full installation steps.
I am sure that this need exists for other companies, and has been addressed somehow so in the production disk duplicated and not installed.
The installation takes around an hour, so this path is not suitable for production.
So far I am not able to find anything to address this.
Thanks again.

I worked at one company and we built 1,000 Fedora systems a month.
This used network booted kickstart to do the install.
At the end of the kickstart we ran a custom script that allocated product serial numbers and install product licenses. After the network boot it was unattended install process

The other company installed servers with 100’s of Centos + product RPMs and config a month.
Once a new server was added to a database the install was automatic as was the configuation,
again using kickstart and unattended.

In both cases disk images would have been far more trouble then possible time saved from kickstarting. Becuase no human needed to be involved after starting the install its was never
a problem about the time it took to kickstart.

That is a very long time for an install. For a small machine I’d expect <5mins.
For a complex server <30mins (mostly running puppet to configure complex environments).

Thanks for clarifying.
Can i get your contact and when we fully ready to start shipment contact you for consulting time help us to set this up?

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