How does that Fedora 33 background image work?

Hello ! Anyone knows how that cool background image work, like how it updates depending on the daytime. Is it like a really slow giff ? And where can I find more like it ?

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dnf provides /usr/share/backgrounds/\*.xml

Fun fact: Every GNOME Shell release since 3.4 (March 2012) has had ‘morning’, ‘day’, and ‘night’ varieties of its background image, with the images having time-of-day differences in varying degrees of subtlety.

The Nostalgia app can be installed via Flatpak to explore them all.

Though not the time variations. The only way to explore those using Nostalgia is to wait out the transitions. Or change the time on your system, I suppose.

(Or, at least, that would be the case, if I hadn’t generated this contact sheet of all the included backgrounds. I named the files so that each release’s set gets laid out in order: [morning, day, night]. They’re arranged 2 releases per row, from GNOME Shell 3.4 in the upper left, to GNOME Shell 3.36 in the lower right.)

The Fedora background is often customized from the GNOME default, so it’ll look different. But, there’s no Fedora Nostalgia app. No app, no contact sheet. I’m not going chasing down every backgrounds RPM since Fedora 17! :roll_eyes:

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google translate
Hello, what you need should be similar to rotation wallpaper or video wallpaper. You can try my article, which teaches how to write XML file of rotation wallpaper, but I write it in Chinese.


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