How does one set Fedora 38 gnome to never suspend processing?

I often run jobs overnight or longer with my computer plugged in and do not want it to stop processing.

When I use Fedora 38 + gnome, and go to settings / power / Automatic Suspend, I cannot find an option to never suspend in the Plugged in Delay drop down.

How should I set gnome to never suspend processing ?

I think you are seeing this common issue GNOME suspends after 15 minutes of user inactivity, even on AC power

There should be an on/off toggle, as seen on the screenshot in the linked issue.

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I tried selecting ON > under “Automaitc Suspend” but it does not toggle, instead it opens the menu with the “On Battery Power” and “Plugged In” choices.

The toggle switches are in the menu that opens up after selecting ON > . There there is a separate toggle to turn it on and off for the On Batter Power and Plugged in cases.

It is perhaps misleading that, after selecting Off for Plugged In, in the menu above, Automatic Suspend reads “When on battery power” and does not indicate that it is the way to turn back on automatic suspension for the Plugged In case .