How do you track a automatically created plasma bug report

I have Fedora 40 development OS installed. I’ve noticed that if Firefox is started and a video is started and a headphones is then plugged in there is no sound to the headset.
Going to Pulseaudio volume control shows the output device is on “speakers (unavailable)” so I then force it to Headphones(plugged in) but there’s still no sound. So I use this to restart pipewire

systemctl --user restart pipewire* wireplumber*

this restarts pipewire correctly and the audio starts playing in the headset (I have to click in the video to renegotiate the pipewire channel) but Plasma shell immediately crashes and an Plasma Automatic bug report tools shows

I send in the automatic bug report from the Bug report tool but it doesn’t tell me the URL to the bug, how can I track this bug in ? I was thinking it might put it under my bug account but my account does not show the bug in my list of bugs. So my other idea is that the bug is linked to the machine by the “Machine ID” shown by hostnamectl command, is that how it’s done?
How could I find my plasma bug via Machine ID then

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