How do you request packages for build?

there are a few packages that I would like to see in the fedora repos (MATE tweak and the Budgie Desktop) where would I request them to be in the repo

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Try create a bug in bugzilla with title:
“Fedora - New package request: …”.

I find only this so far (this).

PS: MATE Tweak is a Ubuntu-MATE project.
PS: Budgie is a Gnome clone (correct?).

MATE Tweak I have seen in the repos of other rpm based systems (aka SUSE)
And Budgie is a GTK3 based DE however it apart from the core it is completely different one thing that is worth noteing is there are two different budgies the original solus witch is compleaty unique
And the ubuntu witch is more like gnome 3

Sorry, this is not correct. Bugzilla is used to file issues against packages that are already in Fedora, not to request new ones.

@moop: technically, there is no way of requesting new packages for inclusion in Fedora. This is because as Fedora is a community volunteer driven project, the package maintainers generally maintain software that they use. In the limited time/resources that package maintainers have, most are not able to maintain other packages. So, basically, Linux distributions aren’t developed in the same way as Windows/Mac where there’s a paid set of employees who will build software that users request. In Linux distributions, the idea is that you help maintain the software you use and in doing so, you also make it available to all other users.

Having said that, you can e-mail the -devel list to see if any maintainers are interested in maintaining these tools:

There is also a wiki page here that maintainers look at:

You will see there, though, that there already are lots of tools on the wishlist.

The best thing to do would be become a package maintainer yourself and build these packages. It is a slightly technical undertaking, though but there are lots of us package maintainers who will be happy to help you learn the necessary skills:


What would be the tech specs to build a package? I am using an old AMD A-6. Any info would be useful before I decide how to go.


That depends on the software you are building. Simple python libraries don’t take much resources, but then something slightly complex like numpy would require quite a bit, for example.

You can use the Koji build system to build the software instead of on your local machine if you wish.

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