How do you install programming languages on sb?

i’m trying to install ruby on fedorasb but for that i like to use a vesion manager(rvm or asdf), this means that the program will download the source of the language and compile it, and i don’t have sucess with this on toolbox.

ok i resolve this problem with rvm, now, how can i export the /usr/bin/env of my system to flatpack? i have the language server instaled but my vscode dont’t find it on path

Hello @Roupi,
perhaps you could do it with flatpak-spawn --host some-command in the terminal of VSCode. @refi64 may be able to provide more detailed insight. Also, the flatpak is going to see the directory as /var/usr/bin/env. I don’t do any Ruby work so I am not familiar with the potential obstacles to getting it going in SB. And you could likely work this out by using the toolbox and the RPM of VSCode, instead of flatpak approach.

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thx, i try this but i get a ENOENT error :no_mouth: i don’t know where vscode solargraph.commandPath is called .
i has thinking there is on flatpak sh but he cant find flatpak-spawn command.

install vscode rpm on toolbox works :V i will need to fix the font and theme.