How do you install a network printer using fedora 29?

I have installed system-config-printer and the driver for our Canon photocopier and I’m using the Admin menu and Print settings but the system is not detecting the printer. Any ideas?

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  1. What is the exact model of the printer?
  2. Are you connecting to it using USB or is it on the Network?
  3. Does the printer work from other machines?
  4. Can you provide the output of journalctl -f when connecting to the printer, if it is USB?
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If it’s a network printer, please ensure that the setup is correct—it’s on the same network etc. You’ve also got to make sure it advertises itself. If all of that is OK, you should ensure that the ipp related ports are open in the firewall—assuming your network printer works via ipp.

If all of this fails, you should be able to add it by specifying it’s IP directly also. The printer’s settings will tell you it’s IPP address and so on.