How do I test a kernel? old ones and latest bleeding edge?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here!

I am tracking down what seems a kernel regression.
I would like to test some particular kernel release, 6.1.26, 6.1.28 and the very latest one:


A lot more details

My usb microphone and audio in general have a lot of crackling\popping with default kernel (6.2.x).
To be honest I have this kind of issues from at least a year or so, but now it is really unbearable.
I have found that installing a real time kernel, version 6.1.26, pretty much solved my issues.
Today I have installed the 6.1.28 version and it cracks again, so real time is not really the fix, but the issue seems something about some kernel change that now was probably backported to 6.1.28.
Now I would like to test the vanilla kernels just to be sure and try to report it to the kernel developers and I will probably need some help also doing that since it is my first time and their methods seems a little ancient with mails.

I have previously opened an issue in Pipewire’s GitLab, but right now I’m thinking it is not it’s fault.

Thanks again!

I have found out myself some possible way of doing this, I’ll just link the relevant sites:

You can find ways to install both the latest or old kernels using these sites.
Still, this stuff could be tricky so good luck!