How Do I Switch Fedora Variants?

How do I go about switching Fedora variants? Somehow I have managed to get “Cloud Edition” in my /etc/os-release file. I’m currently at Fedora 34 but I’ve been successfully upgrading this host since at least 29. The host is mostly used as a file server, but occasionally as a KDE desktop. I doubt the variant makes any difference when upgrading an existing system. But anyway,

  • Is there a list of all the variants somewhere?
  • How do I switch from “Cloud Edition” to, say, the KDE desktop one?


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May be you are looking for Fedora release identity packages. You could search it with dnf search fedora-release-identity-\* and it will give all available identities for Fedora variants.

My understanding after we installed the desktop environment group we want, we could use sudo dnf swap fedora-release-identity-OLD fedora-release-identity-NEW then remove the old desktop environment group. But I never did this and prefer to install new variant to avoid unnecessary troubleshooting.

list of variants (the everything choice has the most of variants)

Thanks. I did a

dnf swap fedora-release-identity-cloud.noarch fedora-release-identity-basic.noarch

Which did nothing but update /usr/lib/os-release, as I expected, and removed a file called “/usr/lib/swidtag/”.

I don’t think the variant has any effect except at install time. Dnf is going to update whatever software it finds at upgrade time, regardless of the variant.

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