How do I switch desktops, install nvidia drivers, and reduce overheating?

Hi i installed fedora 30 xfce , i have 3 problems
1-First i need to change from xfce to kde.
2-Second i can’t install intel 3d drivers and nividia and make them work together likeb windows.

3-third my cpu fan is loud and noise and heat all the time, i was useing windows but i didn’t faced this trouble on windows 10
Last need help please :pray: i’m just begginer on this system and i can’t do thing for this troubles

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Regarding this question, take a look at the documentation, it shows you how to install other Desktop Environments.

 sudo dnf install @kde-desktop-environment

you seem to deal with it here…How i can install vga drivers

Please be so kind and open a new topic with that question. In general, I would suggest you choose a descriptive headline for your question. “need help bro” isn’t very distinctive, most users posting a topic here are seeking help Thanks!


I’ve updated the topic title, but yes, as @florian says, you should really open a new topic for each query and provide information clearly so that others can help you.

@vintx64 I think that the Ask Fedora guidelines (mentioned in the #start-here post) well explain how to help your helpers :slight_smile:

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Hopefully this can be all fixed for Fedora 31 with the new glvnd server side support and NVIDIA.

But until it’s done, best is to switch to nouveau (that will disable the nvidia card when not needed) for normal desktop tasks and reboot with NVIDIA proprietary drivers when using 3D intensives tasks.

This can be done easily by removing the nouveau blacklist lines on boot. So delete this to boot to nouveau instead of nvidia: “rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau modprobe.blacklist=nouveau nvidia-drm.modeset=1”

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