How do I setup Podman inside a container to talk to Podman on the host?

I’m wanting to be able to have the Podman cli inside of a Podman container communicate to the Podman on the host (preferably running as my user), think like in toolbox.

Coming from Docker, this is pretty easier, either via setting DOCKER_HOST to ssh://localhost or mounting the host’s /var/run/docker.socket.

This is functionality which is very necessary for a fully containerised development environment.
I’m aware that varlink is a thing and that there’s a socket file in /var/lib/systemd/system/io.podman.socket, but if those are things to use, I’m unsure how to use them

Does anyone have any idea about this? - would be much appreciated.

To do what? This is very much important to answering the question.

To be in a completely container driven development workflow.

My editor exists in a container, which is fully integrated into my host. However, in this container I don’t have access to bring up new containers, since Podman doesn’t exist in it. A link to the host which allows containers to be managed from inside this container is what is needed, so I don’t need to exit the container.