How do I setup a vnc server without being on the same wifi

Hey, I’d like to remote into my desktop, from some other wifi, to use the power of my desktop to edit a project. My laptop is way weaker than my desktop (RX 6700XT, R5 5600X vs GTX1660TI MaxQ G14).

I’m uncertain how to do this, but it seems to involve setting up a vnc server (?)

I’m running Fedora on both machines.

You can enable Desktop Sharing in GNOME Settings to connect with RDP.

Can I connect with rdp without being on the same network?
BTW, very cool!!!

There are multiple methods to reach the home network remotely.
You can set up a VPN or a port forwarding if you own a public IPv4 or IPv6 address.
Otherwise you need to use some third-party service.


At my former work, users were issued (Windows) laptops, and heavy lifting required using remote Data Centre linux systems over an enterprise network. VNC was slow and default configuration didn’t support the full range of colours, so for many of us it was better to use browser-based tools (jupyter notebook, R-studio server).

Now I’m retired and my most powerful system sits in the utility room connected directly to the network switch. I still find web-based tools from other systems superior to VNC for non-trivial processing tasks.