How do I request changes to a package's metadata (e.g. Description)?

Occasionally when I’m perusing Fedora’s package database, I’ll notice an error in a package’s metadata. For example, when running dnf info libmodulemd, I get the following output:

Name : libmodulemd
Version : 2.14.0
Release : 1.fc35
Architecture : x86_64
Size : 719 k
Source : libmodulemd-2.14.0-1.fc35.src.rpm
Repository : @​System
From repo : updates
Summary : Module metadata manipulation library
License : MIT
Description : C library for manipulating module metadata files.
: See for
: more details.

When I initially attempted to follow the included link to the GitHub repo, however, I discovered that the default branch for libmodulemd had been changed from master to main, and that the included link was not valid anymore.

For somebody relatively new to the Fedora community, what would be the appropriate way to submit a request to fix this? Is this something that could be accomplished with a simple GitHub pull request, or is this left up to the Fedora repo maintainers?

Should be yes. If we check the closed pull requests, look like it’s active repository and the maintainer use it as repo. May be you could create pull request against this file libmodulemd/libmodulemd.spec at main · fedora-modularity/libmodulemd · GitHub, the spec file on part %description.

Just my opinion. But since the sources of the Fefora RPMs are hosted here I would create a PR here Overview - rpms/libmodulemd -