How do I remove a device from Zezere (


I tried to set up a device with Fedora IoT, and claimed it via Zezere ( However, Fedora IoT turned out to be a bad choice for the software I was using (MycroftAI), so I had to switch to Fedora Server instead. I can’t seem to find an option to remove the device in the “Device Management” tab (or any other tab) of Zezere. Is there a way to remove the device from the list, or will it just be there forever? It’s not necessarily critical for it to be removed, but I would rather not have an unknown device in the list.

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Hi @kiwi-sky, currently there isn’t an option to remove a device from the “Device Management” tab in Zezere, but the lack of this feature has been identified upstream (Add option to 'forget' devices waiting to be claimed or already claimed · Issue #88 · fedora-iot/zezere · GitHub) and should be available soon enough in the next zezere release.

(WIP PR: Fixes by rdotjain · Pull Request #121 · fedora-iot/zezere · GitHub)