How do I install Docker Community Edition on Silverblue?

I think technically the problem isn’t really podman, since the runc versions are technically compatible. It’s more that podman and therefore runc is in the Silverblue base image. And since packages in the base image can’t be overridden, everything falls apart.

Now that I think about it, you could probably use rpm-ostree override replace with the runc rpm from the Docker repo, then installing Docker normally should probably work.

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That’s an unacceptably convoluted and risky workaround. You shouldn’t have to interfere with the dependency tree to get the tooling you want. My recommendation is to drop the docker RPM and go with moby-engine.

I’m not necessarily advocating for one way or another, just pointing it out for anyone who may stumble upon this in the future.

I agree, I can’t go without docker at work and I’ve had some weird behavior from the moby-engine versions. Docker CE works perfectly after removing podman, buildah, runc and toolbox first. It works but it’s a bit annoying that you lose podman.

  1. What is the correct way to install moby-engine? I need to add a repository first?
  2. Will it work with Fedora 30?
  1. install it normally (rpm-ostree), no other repos are necessary.
  2. Yes.
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Thank you very much!!
It’s working now :slight_smile: !

Am I correct and it’s not possible to search packages with rpm-ostree? It can only be done using Fedora toolbox and dnf?

Best wishes!

It is true, rpm-ostree doesn’t offer a search interface, and so using toolbox which have dnf is a good workaround, there is also the website for fedora packages which I use.

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: !

And what about Docker in Toolbox?

Hello. I solve this issue for Fedora Silverblue 33:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
curl -O

nano /etc/docker/daemon.json
“storage-driver”: “overlay2”

rpm-ostree override remove docker docker-common kubernetes kubernetes-node cockpit-docker
rpm-ostree install docker-ce -r

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