How do I get video dimensions/duration in Dolphin (KDE Spin)?

Hi, brand new to Fedora and new to Linux in general, so please be patient with me, thanks!

I can’t figure out how to get video file dimensions and duration to display in Dolphin. Thumbnails are working correctly, and some of the metadata is shown (size, type, dates modified, accessed, created, etc.), but nothing I try that I’ve found online from others’ solutions works. Baloo is enabled and seems to be running correctly, as far as I can tell. I think I must be missing a dependency, but I’ve been unable to determine what I’m missing.

The only solution I found that I haven’t tried, because I don’t know how, is this one:, but I also doubt its relevance, since that post is so old.

If you have the rpmfusion repos installed, Configuration - RPM Fusion, you can install ffmpeg which will usually give you that information. Just run

 ffprobe -hide_banner <filename>

This will give you a lot of information, including size and duration. I use the -hide_banner because otherwise it will also show you all the options that were used in ffmpeg.