How do I find questions I asked?

Where should I find instructions on how to display the topics I have created?

Here it is:

  • Profile > Activity > Topics

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When I start here:

where do I pick:

  • Profile > Activity > Topics

Check the button in the top right corner.



Yes, click the profile :bust_in_silhouette: icon.

Thank you. I would never have found that on my own.

There are a number of other ways to browse there as well, including clicking on your name or avatar picture (or letter) on any post you’ve made.

There is a new side menu design in upstream Discourse (the software that powers this site), and among other things it features a prominent “My Posts” link. I haven’t enabled that yet, though, because it has a lot of other quirks that haven’t been worked out yet, and it doesn’t work well with the current site’s front page design.