How do I diagnose battery issues on a new machine?

I have a new machine (HP Spectre x360 Convertible 14-ea1xxx) with kernel 5.17.9-300.fc36.x86_64. The battery that drains very fast with low to average usage (lasts less than 2 hours). There are several potential reasons:

  • Touch 3.5k display
  • Intel “optane” is present, but not used or configured
  • Perhaps GPU/driver related?

I’m not sure how to begin diagnosing or how to isolate the issue. I have searched these forums, installed tpl, but have not found a concrete direction to go in next.



Does TLP start?

systemctl status tlp

If not you may need to disable/mask gnome power profiles:

sudo systemctl mask power-profiles-daemon

Thanks Tom.

sudo powertop 

to see power consumption of different devices.
Use Tab to jump through the pages.