How do I change my primary monitor (during startup and whatnot) to my laptop monitor

Whenever I boot up my laptop without my secondary monitor, the login screen does not appear, instead, I get a black screen. Normally the login screen appears on my secondary monitor. If I just type in the password and hit enter it works. Sadly, this is not where my problems end. After I log in, the wallpaper is gone, just black now, and I cannot change it. Also right click menus do not show up. In KDE my laptop monitor is labeled as primary, but that doesn’t work.
After running xranderI discovered that my laptop monitor was labeled as screen 1, and my HDMI was labeled as Sceen 0. I feel like this is the root of the problem.

Are you using wayland or X11 for login screen?
Are you using wayland or X11 for plasma?

After logging in run the system-setting app and look at the display tab.
In there you will be able to set the primary monitor.

Plasma remembers the settings for each configuration of connected monitors.
So check and setup for laptop only.
Then check and setup for laptop plus external monitor.

I am not sure where you setup for login screen.
Which login app are you using? I have sddm.
Have you change any setting for sddm?

x11 for plasma. x11 for login (I think) The system settings app has the primary monitor set as my laptop. I am using SDDM. My biggest issue is the disappearance of the background once I log in, I suspect it may have something to do with lattedock.

I recall that sddm defaults to wayland. It will be obvious in the sddm.conf file.

What as lattedock?

Have you tried setting the background to see if it will change?
If using an image try with a solid colour.

The simplest would redo your current layout to set the laptop screen as the primary and the external monitor as the secondary. The boot up is handled by Grub 2 so you could edit the menu entry, providing there is an option to suit your needs. Plus you could look at sddm’s config files and options it has to see if you can force it to always use the laptop screen for login. It’s been awhile since I have had Fedora on any of my laptops so I can’t test this out for you, sorry.