How do I add the number of applications shown in 'Show Apps'?

I have a 49" ultra wide monitor and would like to add additional applications to this area.

Something like 3 additional columns on each side of what is already there. Even another row underneath everything would be nice as my screen can display it just fine. This seems more ideal than having 8 pages of applications to scroll through.

I have Debian installed on a small 13" laptop and it gives me 4 rows of applications on this screen rather than 3 that is here on Fedora.

Can someone please point me in the direction as to what I edit or some documentation that walks me through how to go about doing this?

Id even be happy with an extension if anyone knows of one that can accomplish this.

I don’t know how to change the display of the apps with desktop icons.

On my system I have always had a 4x6 display (24 icons) and I see on yours a 3x8 display (24 icons)

I think you are exagerating a bit since that image only reveals 2 pages to look through.

This is also a brand new install.

I am not finished installing everything yet. I am asking how to do this as I go through this process to make it easier to sort through them as I install them.

I really don’t understand why you bothered to post if you aren’t providing information that is helpful?