How can we mark posts as solved?

Some discussions I took part in are now solved. How can I mark them as solved, or let some more senior person here on the board know to mark it solved?

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Yes of Course, we have some alternatives:

Discourse TOPIC solver Plug-in allow TOPIC owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution via enable this plug-in and configure settings in category to allow that feature.

  1. Contact the OP and notify that she/he to accept any of the answer ( I suggest to use this alternative to train the user to use this feature).

with a MESSAGE like that:

if your problem was solved, please mark the thread as solved (by marking one of the posts), it can help others with similar problems to find answer quicker.

  1. You could use this threat and notify us, what topic are solved? and What is the answer?.



Perfect, thanks for letting me know. I will ask the topic owners in both threads to mark the solutions. If they do not react I will let you know here.


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