How can save ports in Firewall


I am new to Fedora and trying to configure Firewall to open ports for one of my app.

When I select my default zone; click ‘Ports’ tab on the right; and add ports under
“Add additional ports which need to be accessible for all hosts or networks”,
everything works great.

But after I reboot, those ports I added just disappeared, I will have to add them
again, is there a way to save them?

Also, I tried to find user manual for firewall, but all I found are setups using command
lines, where can I find explanations about graphic user interface that comes with


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Hi, do you use this tool:

If so, select Permanent instead of Runtime at the top (which says Configuration: Runtime in the picture).

While configuring firewalld, there are 2 kind of configuration. First is the runtime configuration which affects the current state of firewalld and disappears when you restart it (either with systemctl restart command or rebooting your system). Second is the permanent configuration which changes the state saved in the disk (the state which is read by firewalld while it is starting). So the changes you have made to the permanent configuration won’t take effect until you restart firewalld.


Yes, ersen, that’s the program I am using. Thanks so much for your explanation. All work great!

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