How can I report a bug?

I’m new here and I encountered a problem and I don’t know how to report it

Fedora Brazil Portal

Problem: DNS reverse pointing to “Appalachian Designs”

I’m report the bug at Embajadores-fedora-latam but “Your message to the Embajadores-fedora-latam mailing-list was rejected for the following reasons: The message is not from a list member. The original message as received by Mailman is attached.”


Greetings Alexsander.
I am not sure if I understand what the problem exactly is,
but if it is a problem in dns configuration that Fedora maintains,
the correct place would be the fedora-infrastructure issue tracker.

Regarding problems sending messages to a mailing list,
how about joining that mailing list?
That would be also useful for actually receiving any responses you get from the list.
Checking the list archives, there does not seem to be any recent activity, though,
so it might be that in practice, the list is gone.

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Thanks for the answer.

I’m new here, I already participate in fedora-join, but I would really like to get involved with Embajadores-fedora-latam, Fedora-Advocates etc.

The reported issue would be that the URL is pointing to another address than the intended one.