How can I make Fedora Cinnamon look like the Cinnamon that's included with linux mint?

I like the look of Linux Mint but I am a great fan of how Fedora Works. I understand Linux Mint uses the Cinnamon desktop environment. Though upon looking at Fedora Cinnamon, I quickly realized it is not the same as what Linux Mint ships, which begs the question: Is there a way to replicate the look of Linux Mint in Fedora Cinnamon?

While I do not use cinnamon and cannot tell you how it is done, it seems common knowledge that most desktop environments are customizable to the users preferences. One should be able to adjust many things as they choose.

I am sure mint adjusts it their way and fedora may adjust it differently.

Any cinnamon users out there that can provide details of how to make changes?

I had used cinnamon in Linux mint but that was long ago so I could be wrong. I think you need to change the icon theme which you can find in appearance in system settings. There you will find four options Mouse Pointer,Applications,Icons,Desktop. You should be able to select the theme you want and if you don’t find the mint icons then install the mint-y-icons,mint-y-theme package using dnf install mint-y-icons mint-y-theme, then set the mint theme for applications, icons and desktop. I think by default linux mint uses the mint y aqua theme which will included with mint-y-theme. Give it a try and see if it helps.

I wonder what you mean by “not the same as” and “replicate the look.” I’ve used the Cinnamon DE in multiple Linux OSs, primarily for its functionality which I find meets my requirements and because it is mostly a constant experience across all machines, but I’m not focused too much on the user interface’s coloring or themes.

If you haven’t found a solution in the above suggestions, please provide more details about what you’d like to change.


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.