How can I make fedora account (kerberos?) to not expire quickly?

I just want to keep it logged for at least a month.

You are wanting to keep a login to the cloud active for a month? Using kerberos? With an enterprise login?

  1. Remaining logged into a cloud account for long periods of inactivity is extremely insecure.
  2. Enterprise logins are configure at the server and not at the user level
  3. Kerberos logins are also configured at the server level.

You would probably need to contact the provider for your cloud account to see if that is even possible.

A potential workaround may be to do some sort of daemon running on your local pc to simulate periodic activity and make the server believe you are always logged in and active so the login does not automatically terminate.

That might work, but as I stated, the continuous connection presents its own security risk.

right now I have to re-login every day. which is little bit annoying.