How can I make a Desktop Shortcut to an Old Windows Game

I have an Old Moraff’s Morejongg Game from about 1995.
I have copied it to my Home Directory.
Have Installed Wine.
And the Game Works when I click on the .exe file.
But I would like a Shortcut to it on my Desktop.
Have tried things like ( create new launcher here ) but that won’t accept the Games .exe file.
I have Used Arronax in other versions of linux , but I can’t get it to install in fedora.
I am not very conversant with Linux but trying hard.
In Windows you can do it very easy.
I thought it would be easy to add a desktop shortcut in Linux, but No it’s just the opposite.
Any help would be appreciated

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Let’s use a GUI tool:

  1. dnf install alacarte
  2. Menu key | search: main menu,
    or Accessories | Main Menu.
  3. Left pane: select folder where you want your new shortcut to appear. e.g. Games or Wine.
  4. Right side: click New Item.
  5. In Launcher Properties enter:
  • Name (spaces OK).
  • Comment: some extra info as a popup or search term.
  • Browse | select the windows .exe file, then OK.
  • Note: OK is disabled.
  • Click in Command and move cursor to the beginning of the box.
  • Insert the wine path (e.g. /usr/bin/wine ) before the .exe path.
  1. Click OK, Close.

Now test the shortcut you made:

  • Go to the sub-menu you chose.
  • Click the entry for icon you created,
    or type some matching characters into the search box.

Make a copy on the Desktop:

  • Right click the entry| Add to Desktop.
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