How can I install downloadable software?

  1. I have Hex Kit. I downloaded the Linux version from the store page, and I get a big folder. One item is labelled “Hex Kit,” and if I select “run” on it… nothing happens.

  2. I am also trying… uh… trying to try the Worldographer demo. I downloaded the Linux version, and I get a deb file. If I double-click on it, Gnome Software opens, and gives “failed to install file: not supported.” I also downloaded the Java version, and can’t figure that one out either.

I don’t think either of these apps are available in the standard repositories.

You might be able to get a useful error message if you try to run Hex Kit through the terminal. To do that, right click anywhere in the folder where you have the executable file, and select “Open in Terminal”. Then, type in ./Hex\ Kit and press Enter to try and execute that file. It should fail, just as before, but this time it should print out the reason why it fails to execute. Paste that here.

As for Worldographer: .deb files won’t work on Fedora. They are meant for a different family of Linux distributions, namely Debian and its derivatives. What goes wrong with the Java version specifically?

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Fedora does not use nor support .deb files. Those are packages for debian/ubuntu style distros.
There may be similarly named packages for fedora in the .rpm flavor and if so that would be the proper choice.

It is possible to convert .deb files to .rpm files but doing so in such a manner that they will successfully install is not a trivial matter.

If you are referring to the Hex Kit packages available here (Hex Kit by Cone Of Negative Energy) then that is a paid and proprietary package and one would need to contact the provider for assistance. I found no way to even download a demo package from there.

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./Hex Kit: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Looks like Hex Kit wants gconf2. According to the dnf provides command, that file is provided by the GConf2 package. Try installing it with sudo dnf install GConf2 and see if Hex Kit will run.

This is mostly correct. However you can install both deb and dpkg from the Fedora repository.

apt.x86_64                                  2.7.1-1.fc38                                   updates
dpkg.x86_64                                 1.21.21-1.fc38                                 updates

I don’t believe that this is very useful as deb packages are unlikely to work due to unmet requirements.

Thank you.

Now I get:

Failed to load module “pk-gtk-module”
Unexpected keys “askSave”, “customCursor” found in preloadedState argument passed to createStore. Expected to find one of the known reducer keys instead: “mode”, “canvasScale”, “displayScale”, “importTileset”, “map”, “layer”, “tilesets”, “tilesetSettings”, “tool”, “toolboxUri”, “tilesetUri”, “timeTravel”, “windows”, “savePath”, “overlayPath”, “generators”, “showTileInfo”, “overlayOpacity”, “settings”. Unexpected keys will be ignored.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I needed to use wild cards for this one, but dnf provides '*pk-gtk-module*' reveals that pk-gtk-module is provided by the PackageKit-gtk3-module package, so you’ll need to install that next.

Incidentally, this sort of dependency management is why I would generally recommend sticking to software that has been packaged for Fedora, or software that is available as a flatpak. The tiled map editor tool might suit your needs in this instance, though I don’t know exactly what it is you need Hex Kit for, of course.