How can I find the recent maintenance dates for F35?

It’s been 6 weeks since the last maintenance update to F35 Workstation. That’s what the Software app says. It is checking for updates when I click the Updates button. It’s not saying it can’t reach a server. That lapse may be since I had F35 on my laptop. Before that, I probably had a few updates a week, so I’m a bit doubtful. How can I check if I’m missing some F35 maintenance updates?

Hi, I never have those message mentioning “maintenance update”, but may be you could check from Terminal and run sudo dnf check-update to see what packages that have newer update from the repositories. Then you could also perform sudo dnf upgrade from terminal to upgrade them.

Maybe above not what are you looking for. But at least may be with sudo dnf check-update will give some informations about what packages need to update.


It’s the holiday season for a large swath of people supporting Fedora Linux, plus there are a large number of the RH engineers on PTO over into the new year so things may be less active right at this time. As for release cycles has copious info on it.

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As noted, please try sudo dnf check-update --refresh,pkcon refresh, and clicking the “reload” button in the top left corner of the updates tab in gnome-software.

After a release, the rate of updates decreases (until it stops when the release reaches its End of Life (EOL)) because we no longer provide major updates to the release, only minor updates. You can see information on updates on Bodhi here, for F35:

(see the graph)

This is the updates policy that we follow:

I’ve got a few updates recently, so it’s possible your cache isn’t up to date. The above commands should update it.

PS: there are no “maintenance dates”. Package maintainers push out updates all the time, and they get pushed to the updates repos after going through QA (usually 1 week).


I ran sudo dnf check-update (without --refresh,pkcon refresh) and there were hundreds of items to be updated and a few to be obsoleted. (I don’t question whether the argument would work; I just happened not to use it this time.) I ran sudo dnf upgrade and it did the job (although, now that I’ve exited Terminal and lost the old buffer, I wonder if I actually mistyped the line as sudo dnf update). I expected to have to do a warm reboot before the changes were made as I would with the Software app but it wasn’t called for. Warm-rebooting was still required afterwards for full effect. The button for doing so seemed to start the warm-reboot but after it showed my desktop it didn’t proceed, so I warm-rebooted via the desktop top-panel right-end menu. After that, the Software app said the last update was 15 minutes before, so that’s working; the Refresh button advanced that to having checked just now, also good. The kernel had jumped from 5.14.17 to 5.15.12, a much bigger jump than I’m used to seeing. Firefox seems to have been updated to a new major version.

Since I completed the dnf process, the Software app announced updates in the traditional way and that process successfully completed. So I guess there was a problem preventing updates to F35 through the Software app and the Software app process has now been fixed by something done through the dnf process. I don’t know enough to be more specific than that.

I don’t know about a cache associated with the Software app.

Other items:

— When I tried the Software app in the past, some of those times I did click the Refresh button, and it refreshed, but to no avail. I have a feeling something was interfering with getting updates and now I guess that’s somehow fixed.

— Maybe the people’s time off is due to the coronavirus. I don’t remember a similar phenomenon in the past.

— Thanks about the release cycle. That’s more about when F35 will be replaced by F36, F6 by F37, etc., rather than the updates in between.

— The bodhi server’s information indicates there might be hundreds updates in a month unless I’m misreading the faint graph, but it isn’t clear what I missed before I ran dnf this time.

— I wanted the past maintenance dates, not future ones that I assume are not predictable anyway. I wanted the past ones in order to see if there really hadn’t been any for 6 weeks, which seemed unlikely. Looks like I was right, so I’m glad I opened this thread. I should be able to stay up to date now.

— I read every page linked to above.

Thank you.

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The behavior you are describing could be stemming from a bug (GNOME Software become useless and nothing works. (#1118) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-software · GitLab):

If you have IPv6 turned on (default on Fedora), then gnome-software will “lose” the D-Bus connection to PackageKit after resuming from suspend. (This always happens when there are updates available, check bug report for details.)

My workaround: disable IPv6 directly in Gnome Settings.